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File accurate sales tax returns for every state, every month, like 🫰

Try Galvix, the expert-assisted sales tax filing software for lean finance teams.
No oversights, penalties, or notices from states
No 20th-century interface, bad attitude, or blame game
No unjust and unexplained charges or year-long lock-ins
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Accountants and business owners like you have switched from Avalara to Galvix for their monthly sales tax filing
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No more high blood pressure

Only high sales tax compliance

Put an end to filing errors, penalties, and notices from the states.
Stay on top of your sales tax liability and file accurate returns.
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Stop chasing 20 people and reading 20 articles in vain.
Have a tax compliance expert & troubleshooter on standby.
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Stop paying for services you never get.
Predict and control monthly sales filing costs
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With Avalara, the discrepancies were in many thousands of dollars. The amount paid to the state was different than what was on the draft calculation, and it was different than what was deducted from the bank. And none matched the exact tax liability! With Galvix, everything is accurate and matches to the last dollar.
Kshama Patel
Sr. Accountant, Poster Compliance
100% on a different spectrum. Avalara was just a frustration to deal with, it was like ‘I don't want to get out of bed in the morning because I know I have to work with these people’. With Galvix I can make a phone call and know that I can have a pleasant conversation that is going to resolve a problem very easily.
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Make your monthly sales tax filing error-free and easy.

And be always audit-ready with Galvix’s expert-assisted sales tax filing software

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File accurate sales taxes, no matter what
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Remit the right amount of taxes to each state, each month even if your invoices miscalculate them.
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Don’t file your taxes blindfolded and then invite heavy penalties and notices from the states.
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Resolve filing issues promptly
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Get 24x5 access to hands-on support execs trained in the software and the tax laws of each state.
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Don’t chase 20 people to resolve one thing, only to be recommended several articles to read and ‘enterprise’ support packages to buy.
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Flag tax discrepancies at the outset
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Reconcile your tax calculations in real-time so you can fix invoice errors before they become a nuisance.
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Don’t let tax under-collection go unnoticed and then pay taxes out of your profit margins.
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Claim monthly tax deductions
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Adjust your monthly tax liability against available credits or pre-payment incentives.
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Don’t lose out on deductions your business is eligible for.
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Have all your sales tax info at your fingertips
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View your monthly filing summary, drill down into tax calculations, or track nexus from one screen.
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Don’t jump from tab to tab and article to article, just to find simple answers on your sales tax compliance.
State Filings
per filing
One-time fee, no subscriptions.
We charge a flat fee per filing for each state regardless of revenue.
Pay just $75 per return or even less
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Control your monthly sales filing costs and know exactly how much you will need to pay.
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Don’t keep paying thousands of dollars for ‘nobody knows what’.

Know why using Galvix for sales tax filing is so different.

Young startup
Not a 20-year-old monopoly with ‘you-can’t-touch-me’ attitude
Homegrown software
Not five different software codes force-stitched together
Fully involved founders
Driven to solve the pain of tax filing he experienced previously
Bootstrapped business
No private equity firm or investors holding a gun to our heads

Switch to Galvix in 3 simple steps

Step 1
Add your transactions and products
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  • Connect your billing system
  • Specify your product categories
Step 2
Share your business information
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  • Update your office and employee locations
  • Share your filing credentials
Step 3
Review and approve your returns
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  • Review and approve the prepared returns
  • Let Galvix file in each jurisdiction for you

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