Online sales tax filing with real human support

Offload the high cost and hassle of returns preparation, filing, and remittance - with a 100% done-for-you service.

Managed Returns by Galvix


Put sales tax return filing on autopilot in 3 easy steps

Step 1

Connect your billing system

We connect with your existing accounting, billing, or e-commerce platforms, like Quickbooks, Stripe, Shopify, and others, to sync your invoice or order data every month.

Step 2

Tell us where you are registered

For each state where you are registered, we set up details like tax registration numbers, filing frequency, etc., and ensure you are all set for timely filings.

Step 3

Review & approve returns

We share the draft returns for your review by the 5th of every month. Once you approve, we will file your tax returns in each state and share acknowledgment copies for future reference.


Galvix is an online sales tax filing service for small businesses

Save Time

Spend less than 5 minutes per month on sales tax

Sync your billing data with Galvix automatically without manual data export/import or cleansing
Receive notifications once your returns are ready for review
Approve returns in a single click and let Galvix take care of filing and remittance for each state

Reduce Cost

Keep resources focused on revenue-generating tasks

Reduce the costs of outsourcing for manual filing
Pay a risk-free monthly fee only for states where we file for you
Get unlimited support without the need to hire an in-house resource
Reduce Cost

Mitigate Risk

Improve accuracy and reduce audit risk

Get your sales tax handled by experts with decades of experience
Stay confident by optionally reviewing returns before filing
Access all records in a single dashboard, minimizing disruption during an audit
Minimize potential errors through automation


Simplify your sales tax process with our comprehensive solution

Galvix Managed Returns Features
Automated Data Sync.
Plug all the billing channels you use and sync the data required for return preparation and filing
Draft Returns.
Review draft returns and ask for any changes before we file
Tax Credit Adjustments.
Reduce your tax burden by letting us claim tax credits for you against refunded orders or state offered incentives
Stay focused on your business and get notified of any important updates requiring your action
Payment Remittances.
Never worry about making payments to each state manually with our fully automated payment remittances
Audit Documentation.
Access all past filings from a single online dashboard


Exceptional Customer Service, Without Extra Costs

Stop paying extra for “Enterprise Support”. We offer unlimited exceptional customer service, already included with all our plans.

Live chat & call support

Our sales tax experts are a chat away from assisting you with any issues. Prefer talking? Use the Galvix app to schedule a call at a time that works for you.

Never call a state again

We communicate on your behalf with state agencies, so that you don't have to.

State mail processed for you

We scan, read and reply to state letters on your behalf, while keeping you in the loop.

Frequently asked questions

Focus on your business. We’ll take care of sales tax

Spend fewer than five minutes a month on sales tax returns preparation and filing with our done-for-you service. We do the work, all you do is approve.